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Our goal at The Blair Group is to provide sound strategies to assist you in making important financial decisions. We specialize in working with employees of the Federal Government. Curtis Blair, CEO, and Dereck Blair, Vice President, are both Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultants, a designation held by only a few professionals in the financial services industry.

Our federal retirement system is awash in a tsunami of debt. According to Senators Burr and Coburn, "the system is already $673 billion under funded"! What is worse is that 50% of all federal employees are eligible to retire in 5 years!
Source: The Origins and Severity of the Public Pension Crisis, Dean Baker, 2011, Center for Economic Policy and Research

The Post Office has already announced the closing of 50% of all their offices nationwide. The President's deficit reduction commissions have recommended reducing 200,000 federal jobs. Senate Bill S644 would end the FERS pension system in 2013 and reduce 15% of the federal work force. There are a wide range of potential effects on you and your spouse ranging from RIFS, frozen benefits, to increasing co-pays.

Don't wait until the last minute to find out what is happening – when you're offered an early out you often have only 30 days to decide – Do your homework now! Read chapter one of our new book "The Coming Storm" and get on our email alert and updates regarding your retirement plans.

A variety of insurance products, including annuities, may be utilized to satisfy financial objectives.

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